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What past attendees said...

"Enjoyable dinner and presentations" - Harley Sparke, Corporate Protection Australia


"It provided a good opportunity to network with security industry" - Paul Power, Department of Defence


"Very interesting" - Paul Edwards, Attorney-General's Department


"Great content, very interesting" - Paul Alaimo, Department of Finance & Deregulation


"Overall an excellent conference and a great opportunity to network...the dinner and ASIO speaker were excellent and staff very helpful" - Ian Wing, Charles Sturt University


"Excellent speakers" - Paul Edwards, Attorney-General's Department


"Great diversity of presentations" - Mark Patch, Gibsons JBS


"Excellent service and venue" - Glen Salmon, Australian Fisheries Management Authority


"Very useful and enjoyable conference" - Phil Winter, Department of Defence


"Interesting topics...presentations of a very high standard" - Michael Thomas, Customs & Border Protection


"Well organised and informative. Quite a good networking opportunity" - Jodie Fitness, Cadden Crowe


Agenda Day 2

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Day Two: Thursday 1st March 2012

Morning Coffee


9:00 Opening Remarks from Chair
Acting Inspector Stephen Jenkins, Regional Director - Australia, New Zealand & Oceania, The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS)


Keynote Addresses
International Keynote Address: Cyber Crime - Do we Understand the Threat? What should our Response look like?

  • The threat timeline
  • The intelligence requirement
  • Bringing about operational success with new parties collaborating for mutual benefit
  • Dynamic prevention

DAC Janet Williams, Assistant Commissioner - Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard


International Keynote Address: The War in Afghanistan - Counter Terrorism Measures and the Effectiveness of Current Strategies

  • Implications for the international counter terrorism community including Australia

Matthew Hoh, Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy and Former US Marine Officer and US State Department Official


10:30 Morning Tea


11:00 Keynote Address: Managing the Security and Integrity of Australia's Border by Meeting the Complex Border Security Challenges of the Future

  • A strategic outlook for Australia's border
  • The key drivers of emerging issues and future challenges
  • Shaping the capabilities to meet these challenges
  • The importance of co-operation and collaboration in meeting these challenges

Michael Carmody, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


11:40 CERT Australia - Working with Business in Keeping up with Emerging Cyber Security Threats
Mike Rothery, First Assistant Secretary - National Security Resilience Policy Division, Attorney-General's Department


12:20 Lunch


Fraud & Organised Crime


1:20 AUSTRAC's Efforts to Counter Money Laundering and the Financing of Organised Crime

  • AUSTRAC' s enhanced regulatory and intelligence capability
  • Money laundering threat assessment
  • International and domestic cooperation
  • Integrating financial and criminal intelligence

John Visser, General Manager - Intelligence, AUSTRAC


1:50 CRIMTRAC's Recent Successes in Bringing Together Commonwealth, States and Territories
Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer, CRIMTRAC


2:20 Serious Organised Criminal Intelligence and its Relevance to the National Security Community
Karen Harfield, Executive Director - Fusion, Target Development and Performance, Australian Crime Commission


2:50 Afternoon Tea


Critical Infrastructure Protection


3:20 Critical Infrastructure Protection during Queensland's 'Summer of Sorrow'
Acting Inspector Stephen Jenkins, Regional Director - Australia, New Zealand & Oceania, The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) and Project Manager, Critical Incident Management System (CIMS) Project and Program Manager, Public Safety Front-line Communications (PSFC) Program, Major Programs and Projects Branch - Information and Communications Technology, Queensland Police Service


3:50 Preparedness and Protection: Enhancing the Australian Water Services Capability in an All-Hazards Context

  • Ensuring operational continuity
  • Resilience in a crisis
  • Emergency management in Australian water services
  • What are the challenges to water security
  • Disaster and recovery preparations

David Parsons, Manager - Emergency Management & Security, Sydney Water and Chair - Water Services Group, The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN)


4:20 Resilient Health Infrastructure: Ensuring the Safety & Security of the Health Supply Chain in an All-Hazards Context

  • Private sector issues that impact on the safety and security of the health of the community
  • Critical infrastructure issues relating to the health supply chain
  • How can information on health issues best be coordinated between business and government?

Elizabeth de Somer, Regulatory Manager, Medicines Australia and Chair - Health Sector Group, The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN)


4:50 Closing remarks from the chair:
Acting Inspector Stephen Jenkins, Queensland Police Service and Regional Director - Australia, New Zealand & Oceania, The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS)

End of conference


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