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What past attendees said...

"Enjoyable dinner and presentations" - Harley Sparke, Corporate Protection Australia


"It provided a good opportunity to network with security industry" - Paul Power, Department of Defence


"Very interesting" - Paul Edwards, Attorney-General's Department


"Great content, very interesting" - Paul Alaimo, Department of Finance & Deregulation


"Overall an excellent conference and a great opportunity to network...the dinner and ASIO speaker were excellent and staff very helpful" - Ian Wing, Charles Sturt University


"Excellent speakers" - Paul Edwards, Attorney-General's Department


"Great diversity of presentations" - Mark Patch, Gibsons JBS


"Excellent service and venue" - Glen Salmon, Australian Fisheries Management Authority


"Very useful and enjoyable conference" - Phil Winter, Department of Defence


"Interesting topics...presentations of a very high standard" - Michael Thomas, Customs & Border Protection


"Well organised and informative. Quite a good networking opportunity" - Jodie Fitness, Cadden Crowe


10th Anniversary National Security Australia 2012: Pre-event interview with Matthew Hoh

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For more information, go to The 10th Anniversary National Security 2012 will feature presentations from leading Australian and international security experts charged with the crucial task of protecting the nation's citizens from the hidden internal and external hazards that threaten Australian society.


We had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Hoh, Senior Fellow for the Center for International Policy and Former US Marine Officer and US State Department Official. He will be speaking at the event on the 29th February and 1st March in Melbourne. Hear what he had to say.

1. How effective do you feel the current strategies in Afghanistan are in reducing the threat of terrorism in the area?

2. What do you feel is the current state of the war in Afghanistan and what are the implications on countries involved such as Australia?

3. What counter-terrorism strategies have been effective and what do you feel is the way forward in the region?

4. You will be speaking at the 10th Anniversary National Security Australia Conference 2012, on 29th February & 1st March in Melbourne.  What will be the highlight of your presentation?

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PRESS: Please note this will be a closed session conference. Media will not be allowed in the conference room.

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